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Crawler Carriers

ML Utilities provides Terramac crawler carriers for rent which utilize rubber track technology. The use of rubber tracks has been proven, world-wide, to provide numerous benefits for operators and contractors throughout many construction focused industries. Resonating well with end users, rubber track technology has gained rapid popularity and led to an increased demand for Terramac® rubber tracked carriers in the equipment market.

The featured benefit of the rubber tracked chassis on Terramac® carriers is the low ground pressure exerted even when units are fully loaded. The rubber tracks create a wide area to disperse the weight of the carriers, giving them the flotation necessary to travel through loose and wet ground conditions without getting stuck. Low ground pressure also contributes to less ground disturbance leaving behind a minimal footprint from the rubber tracked crawler carriers when working in environmentally sensitive areas.

Along with low ground pressure, carrier’s rubber tracks provide superior traction for climbing rugged and steep terrains making them beneficial for contractors traveling in and out of remote locations. The added traction from rubber track technology reduces slippage while conquering adverse ground conditions, and therefore, improves safety while affording contractors more uptime. Terramac® carriers, designed with rubber tracks also reduce the amount of equipment contractors are required to bring to remote jobsites. Many industry attachments can be mounted to the rubber tracked chassis making it adaptable to various stages of work on jobsites.


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